About Pancha Yoga

Inspiring Holistic Living, Through Yoga.

Like the universe, we’re all made up of five elements known as the Pancha Mahabhutas – earth, water, fire, air and space. When the five forces are in harmony, we think, act, speak, feel and live holistically. We’re in perfect alignment with ourselves and those around us. When these five elements are not balanced, it creates internal disturbance which can in turn affect our personal and professional relationships – as well as the relationship with our ‘self.’

If you haven’t been feeling like yourself lately, this could be why.

At Pancha Yoga, each sequence is designed to help you channel the energy of the Panchas and achieve equilibrium. With consistent practice, you’ll be in your element again — not just surviving each day but thriving every minute.

Through a combination of static and dynamic poses enhanced through rhythmic breathing and meditation, students are empowered to tap into their potential and achieve extraordinary feats. As the saying goes, ‘empowered people empower people.’ Each one of us has a personal responsibility to make the world a better place and inspire others in the process. That’s why we don’t just teach Yoga. We teach life through yoga. We create leaders who put in the work to reclaim their health and happiness – and go on to become excellent role models to those around them.

Join our growing international network of yoga teachers, advanced practitioners, and passionate learners who’re inspiring their friends, families and communities to live holistically.

Experience the Power of the Panchas

  • Earth: When we feel lost and out of balance, earth keeps us grounded. It provides strength and stability; nourishes our mind and body. With our feet firmly planted on earth, nothing can stop us from reaching for the sky.
  • Water: Sometimes, we feel stuck in an emotion, relationship, or situation. No matter how hard we try, we struggle to move forward. Water circulates prana in our body to help us overcome obstacles and flow freely.
  • Fire: Transforms & empowers our mind and body. It burns fear and self-doubt to ashes and ignites a passion for life. There is nothing we can’t achieve with a fire in our belly.
  • Air: Air is both calming and uplifting. When the world gets overwhelming, air lightens our mind. When we feel low, air fills our lungs with hope and breathes life into every cell of our body.
  • Space: Make a wish, set an intention, and let it float away into the universe. Watch your thoughts manifest into magical moments. When you open up to space, it opens up infinite possibilities for you.