Welcome to Pancha Yoga :

Yoga training in Hyderabad

Our founder, Vikas Shenoy, has been following the path of Yoga since 2005 and training hundreds of people - businessmen, professionals, cricketers, actors, students and homemakers.

Pancha Yoga is a yoga studio located at Madhapur Hyderabad. We focus on Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga with the following principles

  • Principle of Stability and Alignment
  • Principle of Happiness
  • Principle of Rhythm and Grace
  • Principle of Consistency
  • Principle of Breath Awareness.

~ Vinyasa and Hatha Yoga ~

Body and Breath

We offer Yoga for the body and for the mind. While some aspects prepare the body, sub-conscience yoga strengthens the mind to move in the direction of peaceful progress in each aspect of life. Breath work energizes the body to keep rhythmic pace with your aspirations and reconnects you to yourself.

Weight Management Workshop

When we talk about fitness of the mind and body, weight plays an important role in it. Whether you are underweight or overweight, it is not your whole truth. Thus, we offer you dedicated sessions to reach your optimum body weight where you are comfortable with your body and at peace in your mind.

Stress Management Workshop

Steadfast like the shadow, stress sticks to us everywhere. It becomes more pronounced in the dark hours of our lives. But there is light in yoga that can free us from this unhealthy entity. And our dedicated sessions celebrate that light.

~ What our students say ~

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