One of India’s most ancient texts, the Mahabharata speaks thus of yoga:

“There is no wisdom like Samkhya, no power like Yoga.”

Yoga is one of the six systems of Indian Philosophy and Patanjali’s Yoga-Sutra is one of the earliest treatises amongst them, dealing with the mind and its fluctuations, showing the way how they can be controlled and how complete mastery over the mind can lead to cessation of misery and attainment of peace.

Far before Yoga became only a means of physical well being and health, yoga was a path leading to self realisation through mastering the mind and its fluctuations and in the process achieving a balanced you.

Yoga is a way of understanding the uniqueness of self and acknowledging the self as a unique being in the Universe. Finding and accepting your own uniqueness leading to an understanding and acceptance of self will help you achieve your original balanced self. Yoga is a means to help you in this journey.

Yoga, put simply, is your own individual authentic journey to bring you close to yourself.

Regular and dedicated practice of Yoga will help you:


  • Focus
  • Develop mindfulness
  • Improve concentration, attention and memory


  • Elevate mood and boosts confidence
  • Achieve peace of mind
  • Lower stress, depression and anxiety
  • Higher self acceptance and self esteem
  • Enhanced self care and self healing


  • Builds awareness for transformation
  • Encourages spiritual growth
  • Gives inner strength
  • Builds the foundation for meaningful meditation
  • Yoga, if practiced with sincerity, could prove to be the pathway to a happier, balanced and content you.