I’ve been coming here for almost half a year and I love it. This is the place with full of positive vibrations. This is one of the reasons I start the day here. Vikas focusses on each individual needs, and helps each person to find the right posture and alignment. Especially people who have injuries or serious illness, the class help to restore the health and feel better. After this class I feel rejuvenated and stress free.
Kartheek, Software professional
It’s very rare that we meet people who only want the best of the best for us… Expecting nothing in return from us but only everything good for us… Vikas is one such rarest of the rare persons who has always been there as a rock and in thick and thin of my phases of life… Within a short span I felt like I know him for eons… Such is his aura that he makes everyone connect with him. He is a happy, radiant soul making his presence felt and filled with the fragrance of his innocence, kindness and purity just as a flower knows only to spread fragrance in the garden without expecting anything in return from anything. I Have heard of and came across many who have transformed themselves through different forms of physical activities… But very few like vikas have set out on a purpose Which is higher, deeper and beyond.. To help and heal people realise their own strength and potential to transform themselves. What’s more special about him is his classes are not just about doing yoga postures or asking people to sit and do pranayam… Infact, he is a practitioner of a yoga that begins from the the very thought you feed to your mind to what shows out in the physical form.. Vikas has come a long way in making people aware of what potential is hidden in them… Triggering the right thought process in us to magnetise holistic abundance in our lives and Pancha Yoga is a great initiative in transforming people into what they deserve to be and do! Words may fail to describe about what a teacher and a friend he is to me. I can only wonder what I did to deserve a beautiful friend like vikas to whom I could bear my heart.. Open the deepest wounds and be healed with utmost care, love and warmth. Vikas is such a great friend and teacher that one can be mask free and lay their honesty upon him… He would never let it go against you! I believe his sincere efforts and undying devotion to his purpose in healing and transforming people into greater beings will spread it’s wings across the world!
Supriya Aysola, actor
Vikas is a very passionate yoga teacher and ensures that his students have a steep learning curve in their yoga practice. Taking an example, I couldn’t think of doing sirsasana a few months back and now I can do it without any support and supervision. I’m sure he’ll become one of the most sought after yoga guru in time to come. My best wishes to Pancha Yoga.
Ajay Batra
I have taken Yoga at a number of places and from many different instructors. None was as skilled or as sensitive to individual needs as Vikas at Pancha Yoga. My yoga classes serve to replenish my physical energy and joy in my life.
Both my daughters had a great time learning life skills with Vikas. The most serious values of life were taught to them by way of yoga in a very creative way. They learnt self awareness which I thought is very hard to teach and Vikas did it with much ease. he has a way of really connecting with the kids regardless of age and motivate them to be their very best. I would highly recommend him as a teacher, guide and a great motivator. Well done Vikas!
After living in the US for nearly 20 years, we recently relocated back to India. I tried going to Yoga few times in the US, but didn’t quite get hooked to it, they were all short lived events. I have been going to Pancha Yoga for the last 2 months and I can confidently say that this is the best Yoga class that you can get. Vikas is not only an energetic and motivated teacher but a fine gentleman. The class is not only about Yoga but also about raising positive and motivational thoughts and making difference in our lives as well as in others around us. I truly think that this is the best investment of time that anybody can make for themselves.
Vikas wonderful sessions that has tuned Akshaj and Advik to develop more self awareness, optimistic attitude, commitment to work, responsibility and perspective. Extremely grateful and thankful to you for inculcating good habits, values, ethics, in Akshaj and Advik. Keep up the good work and hope to see more improvement in their behavior, attitude and nature. Kids looking forward for year long session and I would say they are fortunate enough to have you in their life to guide them in the right path.
Jyotsna Bhattagiri
I bow to you for teaching the kids important values in life and putting them in right path. This is one of a kind class what kids needs in this generation. Kids love to attend your class and they practice what you teach. Its a blessing and they are truly enjoying it. Looking forward for year long classes. Vikas, you are a compassionate healer, yoga instructor, spiritualist and your talents are turning many people into happy people.
Madhavi Katiekeneni