Yoga to enhance the quality of sleep

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Yoga is an ancient form of exercise, which originated in India. Some of the most obvious benefits include improved core strength, more flexibility and quality sleep with yoga.

Just as energizing yoga enables you to begin your day refreshed, restorative yoga helps you to relax and unwind while also improving the brain oxygenation. There are a few yoga poses that are especially known to help with sleep disorders like insomnia.

  1. Lying Butterfly

    This pose involves lying on the back, pressing the soles of the feet against each other. It helps reduce stress and  depression. It is also good for women for helping with menstruation cramps and pain. If it proves to be too strenuous, you can use a pillow under the knees.

  2. Legs Up The Wall

    This is an L-shaped pose in which you are required to lie down on your back and put your legs against the wall. The legs must be straight and you can or cannot let the back of the legs rest against the wall. This pose essentially sends the blood rushing back to your brain while you focus on your breathing.

  3. Corpse Pose

    Shavasana or the Corpse Pose is mostly practiced post workout to let the body relax. It is not merely lying down but it involves bringing the attention to each body part without looking at it or moving it. This is a pose of total relaxation and thus it is challenging to attain self-awareness. 

Get quality sleep with yoga and wake up refreshed and energized for any and all challenges of the day!



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