Yoga for overcoming asthma

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Asthma is a chronic disease affecting the respiratory system. Constriction of airways, inflammation, and mucus in the bronchi and tightness of chest characterize this condition. The ancient Indian exercise form of yoga is known to be extremely beneficial to overcome Asthma. 

Yoga such as Pranayama, Kapalbharti, and Savasana treats asthma painlessly and with zero side effects.

Here are a few yoga poses that can help you in overcome Asthma:


  1. Bharastika Pranayama: This is a deep breathing exercise in which the practitioner is required to sit with crossed legs and straight spine. Breathing deeply from the abdomen with forced inhalation  strengthens the lungs and chest muscles. It also improves the immune system and treats the common cold. 
  2. Kapalbharti: This takes breathing from the abdomen to a whole new level. It not only improves the assistant respiratory organs but also eases the tightness of the chest. It also helps to relieve tension in muscles and thus improves the efficiency of the respiratory system.
  3. Savasana: With this takes total relaxation to a whole new level. It takes our attention to each and every body part. Deep but relaxed breathing is crucial for our body to relieve stress and tension. Deep and rhythmic breathing, similar to when we are sleeping soundly, takes our focus inwards and also balances the blood pressure.

The yoga poses and exercises listed above include gentle stretches as well as a slower pace as compared to other workouts. In fact, the wealth of benefits of these breathing exercises can benefit people who suffer from common breathing issues as well.



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