5 yoga-inspired moves to tune up your knees

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A knee is as important as any other joint in our body such as the shoulder joint or the joints in our fingers. Joint Pain is one of the most suffered problem today. 

The benefits of yoga include strengthening bones and muscles and removing toxins from the body. These two factors make yoga the best weapon against cranky and troubled knees.

  1. Triangle stretch:

    Spreading apart the feet and shifting the weight to the hips to keep both the legs straight allows the knees to relax and relieves the tension in the hamstrings. Keeping the knees straight without bending while sliding the body down the shins from one side to the other also exercises the hips and thus makes the legs stronger.

  1. Chair pose:

    The chair pose essentially requires the whole body to become stronger and suppler. Weak inner thighs can also trigger knee pain. Also, the abs, shoulders, and spine is a source of empowerment to the knees. 

  1. Runner’s lunges:

    This pose ensures that the hip flexors become stronger and longer and thus promotes deep elongation of iliopsoas. 

  1. Thread the Needle Pose: 

    It can be considered as a milder version of the Pigeon pose that helps ease joint pain. The back and shoulders are relaxed in this pose and the feet and ankles are flexed throughout the pose.

  1. Forward Fold to Side Plank:

    Repetitive straightening and bending of the knees to support the body is a great exercise. Since the weight is shifted from the hands to the sides and back, there is not a lot of pressure on the knees which helps relax the muscles.

Maintaining a balanced diet and regularly practicing these poses individually or by incorporating them in the daily workout routine can alleviate knee pain. But if pain persists, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor.

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