Top 10 reasons you need yoga in your life

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Yoga is the most ancient form of exercise, which originated in India and is now practiced all over the world due to its wealth of benefits. Enjoying a higher quality of life while keeping your physical health in check and maintaining a great mental health too.

Those who know importance of yoga and include yoga in their daily lives enjoy long-term and balanced physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual benefits. If you are one of those who haven’t started doing yoga, now is a great time to start.

Here are the top ten reasons that show the importance of yoga for our bodies:

Weight management:

Yoga stimulates detoxification of the body and promotes better metabolism, which results in burning fat and calories. Yoga is also known for lowering cortisol. High cortisol levels can cause many problems including fat deposits and hypertension. Yoga reduces cortisol levels as it reduces stress and burns off unwanted fat without requiring too much effort.

Improves muscle tone and strength:

The increased oxygenation due to conscious breathing patterns helps in strengthening and toning of muscles while also making the fascia flexible. Yoga improves muscle mass as well so it is also good for those who want to put on some muscle weight.

Stronger bones and joints:

Bone density is improved by the various balancing poses. Holding the position of various asanas strengthens joints and bones and thus helps to reduce the risk of arthritis, osteoporosis, and fractures due to bone loss.

Helps with menstruation and menopausal issues: 

This is very important for women as many restoratives pose help with menopausal symptoms management. Yoga can also take care of bloating, water retention, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea and irregular menstrual cycles.

Keeps diabetes in check:

Yoga improves insulin sensitivity and curbs spiraling sugar levels.

Corrects postural imbalances:

Yoga poses make the spine stronger, longer and more supple, thus easing postural troubles.

Blood pressure management:

Better oxygen intake results in improved circulation. Balanced cortisol levels also help to keep hypertension under check.

Therapeutic for stress and anxiety:

A break from the busy lifestyle is what you get when you focus completely on inhaling and exhaling. Inversions, restorative poses, and pranayama techniques uplift the mood by stimulating secretion of dopamine and serotonin.

Healthy digestive system:

Pavanamuktasana, Vajrasana, and other yoga poses work directly on the abdomen and help remove toxins.

Improves brain functions:

Yoga is not only therapeutic for insomnia but is also great for actively improving brain activity with increased oxygenation.
Thus, few minutes of yoga every day can bring a great change in your health.

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