5 amazing yoga poses for beginners

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Beginners Yoga

Yoga has proven to relieve stress and cure many ailments. It is India’s ancient form of exercise and is practiced by many people daily for various reasons. Admittedly, many people are beginning to make yoga a part of their daily routine to reap its benefits. Following are some must try beginners yoga poses:

  1. Pranayam

This is the most basic yoga but a very effective one. You just have to be seated in the correct posture and focus on your deep breathing. People who don’t get much time for yoga can do this whenever they get time. This yoga pose can help you rejuvenate your body and calm your mind down.

  1. Anulom Vilom pranayama 

This is one of the extended breathing exercises in which you breathe in from one nostril keeping another one close then vice versa. This balances the brain’s two hemispheres and also helps you get rid of diseases like thyroid, stress and so on.

  1. Cat pose or Marjaryasana

This yoga position is meant for giving your belly organs and spine a gentle, soothing massage. It also stretches your torso and neck. People with neck injury must avoid this asana. This asana is basically coupled with the cow pose more benefits.

  1. Cobra pose or bhujangasana

You can do this pose by lying down on your stomach and stretching yourself by looking towards the sky. This pose is not for pregnant ladies, or people with back injury, headache or carpel tunnel syndrome. This asana helps to strengthen your spine, awakens kundalini, opens heart and lungs and also beats stress and anxiety.

  1. Savasana

The corpse pose is the concluding asana after your yoga gets over. This pose is the state of total relaxation and giving your nervous system to revive itself. This pose is known to lower blood pressure and reduce fatigue, insomnia, and headache as well.

Most people begin their workout ritual with Pranayam and end with Savasana while others simply perform a select few asanas for their specific benefits. Each asana or pose of yoga targets some organs or system and works specifically to improve the coordination of one body part with others. It also calms us down and allows us to introspect peacefully, which is also good for the brain.

As per scientific evidence, yoga helps increase brain activity and thus results in increased productivity in our daily lives. These poses or asanas introduce a complete newbie to the benefits of yoga and one can increase the complexity levels gradually with practice.

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