5 exercises that strengthen & soothe back pain

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Strengthen & Soothe back pain

Backs are the most important parts of our body.  A strong and supple back does not only boost your self-esteem but also allows you to stay healthy. Since exercising is a must for toning the back pain, here are the best five exercises for improving your athletic abilities, look great, stabilize and utilize the hundred and forty overlapping muscles which keep us going.

Renegade Rows

Getting into a high plank position and then lifting up one arm at a time to the rib cage exercises hips and shoulders while also strengthening the spine as well as the hamstrings.

The Sphinx Pose

This pose is mainly for toning the spine and energizing the sacral lumbar arc. Even though this is basically a yoga pose, integrating it into the daily workout would promote the natural curvature of the back. This pose requires lifting the upper body up straight while lying on the stomach with feet hip-width apart. The pose resembles a sphinx and hence the name.  

Scapular Push-Ups

This is another high plank exercise with hands kept shoulder-length apart. The body must be maintained in a straight line with the head in a neutral position. Pinching the shoulder blades and slowly lowering the body halfway to the ground and then pulling it back up is a great way of training the spine for more strength. This also tones the shoulder wings.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

If you want to lengthen and decompress the spine, then the downward facing dog is a great pose. Bent knees, straight back and tailbone towards the ceiling or sky is the starting position of this pose but it doesn’t require too much effort to hold this position. It also allows you to focus on your breathing more so it works as a therapeutic stress reliever as well. Stretching the legs and arms to lower the body and take it back up again also goes a long way for your spine.

Supine Twist

If you want to relieve the tension in your back and neck, this is a great exercise.

The lower back supports the whole torso, so it is very important to exercise it. Correct postures while sleeping, sitting or standing also helps to keep the back pain-free.




  Comments: 1

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