7 yoga poses for stress relief

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Poses for stress relief

Ayurveda and yoga are age-old medicine for all the problems that are ailing young and old in today’s world. It is said that stress is the home of all the diseases. To beat this issue, one must take the help of yoga, which is the best way for stress relief. Here are a few poses for stress relief:


Mostly known as the Easy pose that is done by focusing on your breath for 60 seconds by keeping your spine straight. This pose helps you by relieving you of mental and physical stress.

Anjali Mudra

A salutational seal helps to bring your left and right side to the center of your body, which is where heart chakra is. This balance makes your physical and mental state free from any kind of stress.


This asana is usually to warm your spine up. This cow pose along with cat pose also helps your organs like kidneys, belly or adrenal glands to function effectively. 

Uttana Shishosana

Revives your body by calming your brain down.


This seated forward bend position is done mainly to bring the distracted mind to order. It relieves the symptoms of fatigue, headache, PMS, menopause and such others.

Salamba shirsasana

Supported headstand may be intriguing but is very hard to perform. It helps in calming your brain and strengthening your body by reversing the flow of blood.


All other poses can have a closure with Savasana or Corpse pose. Hence, this pose is a state of total relaxation and giving your nervous system to revive itself.

Yoga is a not only man’s best friend but also helps in combating daily stress. Therefore, one must take care to take an advice of a professional before trying any of the poses mentioned above.

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